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Quality Lifts 4-Post Extended Height Storage Lift

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9,000 lb. Lifting Capacity Extended Height Storage Lift & Light Duty Service Lift
Model: Q4P09X

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This 4-post extended height storage lift by Quality Lifts is a magnificent lift that is ideal for any vehicle not exceeding the 9,000 lb. capacity. This lift can be setup for portability or fixed mounted. The Q4P09X is 80" under runways. Whether you are looking for a home storage lift application or a light -duty service lift application, the Q4P09X is more that capable of doing the job.

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ETL ALI Certified Lifts

  • 9,000-pounds lifting capacity
  • Free standing or bolt-down option
  • Formed runways with rail system, single hydraulic cylinder and commercial grade cabling system
  • Formed columns with 12” base and internal locks
  • Adjustable internal lock ladder for lift leveling
  • “Slack cable” system provides additional security
  • Single Hydraulic Cylinder
  • Commercial grade cabling system
  • 14 lock positions
  • Available with 110v or 220v Power Unit
  • Colors available: Black ONLY
  • All models are ALI/ETL certified



Lifting Capacity: 9,000 lbs.
Rise Height of Runway Top at Top Lock Position *2: 85-1/2"
Rise Height Under Runway (top lock position): 80"
Overall Length: 233-1/2"
Height of Columns: 96-1/2"
Outside Columns to Outside Base: 112-1/4"
Width of Runways: 20"
Height of Runways: 7"
Lenght of Runways (not including mounting flange): 188"
Inside of Columns: 95"
Length, Base Plate to Base Plate: 203-1/2"
Maximum Wheelbase *1: 179"
Motor: 1 HP/115v, 2HP/220v
Voltage (single phase std): 115v/220v
Speed of Rise (approximate): 120 seconds/115v or 60 seconds/220v
Baseplate Footprint: 12" x 12"
Shipping Weight:  1865 lbs.

*1 Wheelbase is based on a tire diameter of 30"
*2 Allow 2-3/8" of clearance above top vehicle for lock release

Installation, Operation & Maintenance Manual Four Post Surface Mounted Lift


4-post lift installation 4-post lift installation
Fig 2 - General Specifications and Service Bay Layout
(click image to enlarge) 
Fig 1 - Drive Under Height
(click image to enlarge) 


Models: Q4P09H, Q4P09X, & Q4P09W


Vertical Clearance

Check the height of the area where the lift is to be installed. Clearance should be calcualted based on the full raised height of the lift. WARNING: Failure by purchaser to provide adequate clearance could result in unsatisfactory ift performance, property damage, or persoanl injury.



Be certain you have the proper concrete floor to properly handle the loaded lift. Floor should be in generally good condition with no large cracks,spalling or deterioration.


Minimum requirements for concrete are 4 inches minimum depth, with steel reinforcement, 3500 psi, cured for 28 days perlocal commercial practice. This lift is designed to accommodate a 3 inch total variation in elevation at the base of the four posts. Floor should be levelwithin 1/2 inch from side-to-side and 2 1/2 front-to-rear to avoid special shimming. No anchors should be installed within 8 inches of any crack, edge, or expansion joint. If these conditions cannot be met, a pad may be poured to accommodate the lift.


Check with local building inspectors and/or permits office for any special instructions or approvals required for your installation. WARNING: Failure by purchaser to provide the recommended mounting surface could result in unsatisfactory lift performance,property damage, or personal injury.


This lift has been evaluated for indoor use only with an operating ambient temp. range of 5 – 40°C (41-104°F)


Electrical Requirements

For lift installation and operation for single phase units, it is necessary to have a dedicated circuit with a single pole (115v) or Double pole (230v) circuit breaker or time delay fuse sized for the following Full Load (FL) Amperage:

  • The 115V power unit FL amperage is 15 amps.
  • The 230V power unit FL amperage is 18 amps.


Safety Notices and Decals

For your safety, and the safety of others, read and understand all of the safety notices and decals included here.


Safety decals similar to those shown here are found on a properly installed lift. Be sure that all safety decals have been correctly installed on the Power Unit reservoir. Verify that all authorized operators know the location of these decals and fully understand their meaning. Replace worn, faded, or damaged decals promptly. 


WARNING: Do not attempt to raise a vehicle on the lift until the lift has been correctly installed and adjusted as described in this manual.


The shipment should be thoroughly inspected as soon as it is received. The signed bill of lading is acknowledgement by the carrier of receipt in good condition of shipment covered by our invoice.

If any of the goods called for on this bill of lading are shorted or damaged, do not accept them until the carrier makes a notation on the freight bill of the shorted or damaged goods. Do this for your own protection.

NOTIFY Quality Lifts AT ONCE if any hidden loss or damage is discovered after receipt. IT IS DIFFICULT TO COLLECT FOR LOSS OR DAMAGE AFTER YOU HAVE GIVEN THE CARRIER A CLEAR RECEIPT.

File your claim with Quality Lifts promptly. Support your claim with copies of the bill of lading, freight bill, and photographs, if available.